Customer Service

The Customer Service Department bills and processes all payments for water and sewer customers monthly. The Department receives and responds to customer related issues daily including issuing work orders for internal and external staff to investigate issues when needed.

The Financial Department is a partner with all of the Authority’s departments in providing administrative services, financial services, and human resource services in a timely and efficient manner to the benefit of all.

The Engineering and Construction Department oversees all engineering and construction activities for the Etowah Water and Sewer Authority.

The Operations Group is responsible for maintaining the water distribution and wastewater collections systems. The Operations Group is on call 24 hours a day to respond to emergencies.

The Resource Department’s main purpose is to direct and oversee the long term planning of water and wastewater resources, attends meetings, make presentations and plans, develop and coordinates public relation mediums and assume other responsibilities for the Authority as needed with the Board of Directors, General Manager, other departments, consulting engineers and local, State & Federal Officials.

The Maintenance Department is responsible for maintaining six water storage tanks and four booster pump stations for the water system; and 12 sewerage lift stations for the wastewater system. The department performs all repairs and maintenance at Dawson Forest Water Reclamation Facility, Hightower Water Treatment Facility.