Education Program

Etowah Water & Sewer Authority’s Education Program has been in effect for 23 years.  This program will continue under the leadership of the General Manager’s Executive Assistant.

The Education Program Plan Goals:

  • Use the slogan, “E” For Excellence in the performance of our daily work tasks, including the quality of our water and wastewater.
  • Incorporate the Authority’s six core values in all of the Authority’s processes.
  • Lay out a path forward to allow the Authority to compete for the GAWP Education Award.
  • Provide tours of the Hightower Water Treatment Facility and the Dawson Forest Water Reclamation Facility to elected officials and members of the community.
  • Develop and implement change that will move the Authority from an extremely good customer service provider to an excellent customer service provider.
  • Find areas to improve and strive for efficient/effecting development of processes to educate others on the stewardship of our natural resources.
  • Continue partnerships with Rivers Alive, WaterSense, American Waterworks Association, American Water Efficiency, and Georgia Association of water Professionals.
  • Partner of Education with Dawson County School System.

School Programs

Watershed Kindergarten

5th Grade Microorganisms